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IGEL’s world-leading software offers a secure, efficient, and cost-effective endpoint OS and management platform across nearly any x86 device. By moving Windows into the cloud, using technologies such as Citrix, VMware, AWS, and Microsoft, security posture is already increased as applications and data don’t reside on the endpoint. Installing IGEL OS turns any compatible x86-64 device into a fully functioning read-only endpoint for cloud workspaces, ensuring a secure chain of trust from the employee through to cloud-hosted apps and workloads.

IGEL’s latest solution, COSMOS, is a new, secure endpoint platform that has fully separated the IGEL OS from local and cloud-delivered apps. With a further reduced footprint, IGEL OS not only updates faster but is more secure due to its reduced attack surface. Whether on a corporate endpoint or on users’ own device (BYOD), IGELS OS immediately minimizes endpoint attack surfaces and complements a zero-trust model.