Special Interest Groups & Committees

What is a Special Interest Group?


Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enhance members’ participation in and value from their membership by promoting common interests through supporting an exchange of information on areas of shared interest.

Digital Consumer Experience

Digital Consumer Experience (DCE) is top of mind with healthcare and life science companies.  Creating member journeys from marketing, sales and service to medical management, wellness and ongoing engagement.  Payers and providers use digital consumer experience to reach their employees, patients, employer groups, provider networks, provider services and care management.  DCE can focus on digital transformation, LLM, AI, ML, telemedicine, CRM, mobile, social, contact center, web, etc.  

Chair, David Stewart

Privacy & Security

The Privacy & Security program hosts events throughout the year that explore the most pressing security issues and solutions.


Advocacy Committee

Advocate for HIT throughout the state

Leigh Williams, Chair

Communications Committee

Support the engagement of our members across the Commonwealth

Ian Mack, Chair

Membership Committee

Support and engage our chapter members

Kyle Wiggins, Chair

Sponsorship Committee

Support and engage our sponsor partners

Collin Stoddard, Chair