SIG & Committees

What is a Special Interest Group?


Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enhance members’ participation in and value from their membership by promoting common interests through supporting an exchange of information on areas of shared interest.

Women in Health IT

Our Global Health Equity program seeks to address the inequities in health information and technology and the need for more community, resources, and recognition of women who have made a difference sector-wide.

Digital Consumer Experience

Understanding how to improve and maximize your digital front door has never been so important. Our Digital Consumer Experience program allows members to stay up to date on the latest trends and innovations.

Privacy & Security

The Privacy & Security program hosts events throughout the year that explore the most pressing security issues and solutions.


Advocacy Committee

Advocate for HIT throughout the state

Terri Ripley, Chair

Education Committee

Grow our relationships with key academic programs in the state

Jay Napier, Interim Chair

Membership Committee

Increase our chapter membership

Thomas West, Chair

Sponsorship Committee

Manage vendor relationships

Matt Snyder, Chair